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Sharing your thoughts can be easy. Sometimes it isn’t. EMPWR is a safe social network that’s based on support. A space where you can be safe, anonymous and free to be yourself.

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    By Ally Salama

    By Ally Salama

    Ally Salama is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognized social entrepreneur, ex-pro athlete, keynote speaker and podcaster, and The Middle East’s Mental Health Ambassador. He founded EMPWR in 2019 as the first Mental Health Magazine in the Middle East, winning Harvard’s Top 7 Most Impactful Social Initiatives in 2019 & earning recognition from the World Health Organization. He hosts Apple’s #1 Charting Youth Leadership Podcast “Empathy Always Wins” – the world’s exclusive leadership and mental health podcast focusing on empathy. Today living in between Dubai & Toronto, Ally is launching EMPWR, in January, 2022, to help support youth in the Arab world. He is also consulting government institutions on improving their community engagement and on providing leadership & mental health workshops.

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